Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Itchy Feet...

Firstly I would like to point out, I do not mean literally. Just want to put it out there I do not have some hideous, smelly fungal foot infection that makes me feet itch. Okay, sometimes my feet do smell.... mostly when I avoid socks in the name of fashion, but you know sometimes socks just don't look right... Rant about feet over.
No! the meaning of today's title, is as you may have guessed;
I am off to uni in September, which is definitely something to look forward to, but with one of my besties having just returned from her gap yah trip of a lifetime to Hawaii (see And yeah she went to Hawaii/San Fran for 6 weeks BY HERSELF. I'm so jel, but would never be brave enough to do that. Another of my good friends has just gone off for a 3 month Camp America extravaganza which is definitely something I would love to do.
Another of my best friends has been to Ecuador for a month before we started college AND is off to Australia as part of her Uni course.
My baby cuz is off to Kavos for a girls week on friday and although its not exactly travelling, I'm still jel of the booze cruises and drunken adventures she will undoubtedly have whilst there!
 My sister friend (she pretty much is my sister, not in the cute best friend 'we've known each other for so long and I know everything about her' kind of way. But in the 'we bicker all the time, it annoys me so much when she's right, which is all the time. And yet STILL I talk to her' kind of way) is off to Turkey with her Mumma and Cornwall with her boyf jel! AND my Gingeee is off to DISNEY LAND.
All of this is making me feel like I should have planned something for my summer to make my gap year just a little bit more special.
My brother caught the travelling bug during his gap years (2 of them). He lived in Holland for 6 months as a painter/decorator, as well as going to India for a month. Since being at uni he has somehow managed to scrimp enough pennies to go to Morocco twice as well as a third time on a charity bike ride all the way from Brighton! I know he wanted me to get on the bug, he bought me a lonely planet gap year trip book for Christmas last year and I was super excited to plan a trip, looking at packages to teach abroad or build an orphanage, to travel America in caddy or chunndeerrr everywaaahhh in perah! I was looking at interrailing through Europe or volunteering in Uganda.
And then, I just kind of didn't. I could have saved enough money to have a nice little uni pot AND a magnificent gap yah holiday. But apparently saying 'I'll start saving next month', doesn't actually work that well...
SO although I have worked out I will be INSANELY poor at uni. I'm kind of hoping, somehow, I will find a job and be able to make a teeny tiny amount of saving, just enough to have one whole Holly adventure, which will hopefully inspire be to save a bit more, and go on another Holly adventure... and so on and so forth!
So for the time being, this summer, I'm going to enjoy going to V festivaal with my Fav gals, making memories and home with all my best friends and going on holiday with my Parents, because they paid for that one....
Tata for now! X

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