Thursday, 6 June 2013

Shall we have a Jabberwock?

Oh Goodness gracious, where to start with a new blog?! I think it should probably be with my name; which is Holly. 
I'm 19 and am about to set off to uni in September! I am totes excited! 
I'm not really sure why I've decided to start this blog, I've had blogs before and I haven't kept them up, but I've been reading/watching a lot of blogs and vlogs lately, and thought it would just be swell to start my own, and maybe just maybe keep it up for more than 2 posts. 
I am currently on my gap year where I was supposed to make big life choices and save up enough to survive at uni, I suppose I have been somewhat successful in the former, having chosen which uni to go to, which course to study and what to do with said degree, winner, round of applause and a pat on the back for you Holls. However the latter has not been my forte, as I have preferred to eat at Frankie and Bennies and buy stuff instead of save some dough, oops. I will officially be a poor student. Oh well, part of the experience and all. 
I am also going to be poor this summer, on the account that I have quit my job, because I hate it, because I wanted a summer and because IT SUCKS. 
Other than working, I spent most of my gap year dancing,doing my nails and eating. Which is what I've spent the majority of my teenage life doing and are the things I enjoy most. These things are improved when done with my fav gals, my dancing galdem or my family. I love them all HUGE amounts and they make a happy Holly, most of the time. 
I have an older bro who is about to graduate uni, a cuz who is basically my sister and a sister who isn't my sister.
My name is Holly and this is my first blog.
Over and out. Ta ta for now! X

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